Found in the Ruins episode #2: Pulp Apocalypse Review

The 1970s and 80s were a time of apocalyptic fears, and what better way to promote them than through cheap paperbacks? That’s right, your favorite Wastelanders Boom Mike and Doc Benny discuss this time as reflected in the book Pulp Apocalypse; a collection of synopses and interviews brought to you by the Paperback Warrior and his crew to scratch the itch of any Road Warrior. But probably no cannibalism. Well, not much anyway!

So, take a listen and keep in mind we are spoiler-rich! Especially for 40-year old books and movies…

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2 Responses to “Found in the Ruins episode #2: Pulp Apocalypse Review”

  1. bobcatt says:

    A nice diversion into a deep subject. Looking forward to more content. Will you be delving into various appropriate game systems (and editions) as part of this project?

  2. Chris Holmes says:

    The hero of “Turbo Kid” rides a BMX bicycle -it’s a fun post apocalypse romantic adventure. Speaking of obscure comedies, either of you seen “Bed Sitting Room” starring Ralph Richardson and other funny 1960’s Brits-a comedy about mutations.