DM MikeDM Mike

DM Mike was a former resident of Mississippi and Arizona before settling in Texas to pursue a college education. He has busily spent time earning multiple college degrees in a vain attempt to avoid entering the real working world. Alas, this failed and he currently teaches college history. He is a fan of most pre-2000 roleplaying games, but Original (Brown Book) D&D and its supplements are his preferred fantasy game with the Holmes Basic D&D a close second. Mike (along with Liz) was a part of the initial playtesting for Castles & Crusades in 2003 and is also the author of a couple of adventures and the first Arms & Armor supplement for C&C as well as the Victorious RPG for Troll Lord Games.



DM LizDM Liz

DM Liz was born in south Texas at the tail end of the 60’s and first discovered gaming inside a small “hole-in-the-wall” hobby shop in Corpus Christi around 1981 or so (her memory is a little fuzzy on the exact year—she’s old, cut her some slack, okay?). This was of course the magnificent Holmes Basic box set, which is still her favorite to this day. Liz is a freelance artist and graphic designer, and has worked for Troll Lord Games in the past doing layout and editing for Crusader magazine during their run of issues 8 through 22. She recently finished her degree in graphic design and illustration, so of course she now works as part of a web team. She’s not exactly sure how that happened. You can find both Mike and Liz every year at the North Texas RPG Convention in the DFW area of Texas.


DM CorbettDM Corbett

Corbett is a human person who is often wondering why doorways are so short or why he can never find clothes that fit right off the rack. Having traveled from Texas to California and back again, he decided on the most logical of places to live, Wyoming. Building igloos, fighting bears for fish, and keeping his family circled back-to-back to survive is some of his routine. His true passion is his love of role-playing games, having fallen into the game world in the early eighties after picking up a copy of the D&D Moldvay Pink Box (yes, it was faded), followed soon after by Villains and Vigilantes by Jeff Dee. These days Corbett works as a computer tech guy and when not appearing on Save for Half spends his fun time running the GagMen podcast, yelling at clouds, and trying to break the World Record for burrito eating.


DM JimDM Jim

DM Jim has been playing role-playing games since everything was just plain “D&D” and campaigns were refereed with a mis-matched stack of books and pamphlets. Jim Wampler is the main guy to blame at Mudpuppy Games, and publisher of SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN. Jim also wrote Mutant Crawl Classics RPG and several DCC RPG and Metamorphosis Alpha adventures for Goodman Games. Jim Wampler is the creator of the Marvin the Mage gaming comic, and has contributed cover art and comics to the Knights of the Dinner Table magazine. Jim lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where he stays up on cutting-edge AI research so that he can the first in line to have his consciousness uploaded to the singularity.