Episode 43: The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games

Before the age of the OGL, there was a time undreamt of, the time of second generation FRPGS! Join us back in the late 1970s as we cover “The Fantasy Trip” by first Metagaming, then reprinted by Steve Jackson Games. Your fave Halflings consider this precursor to GURPS in all of its rules-light glory. Mana, Wizard Staffs, Solo Adventures, and dollar signs await your listening pleasure in this episode of Save for Half!

No Prootwaddles were harmed in the making of this episode, because they only had to roll 2d6 to save!

Links mentioned in this show:

Legacy Edition: The Fantasy Trip

The Fantasy Trip main site

The Fantasy Trip on Wikipedia

Video of sample combat: The Fantasy Trip

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One Response to “Episode 43: The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson Games”

  1. Chris Holmes says:

    This is probably the only time I get to correct any of you on anything. The movie Jim was thinking of was “The Raven” 1960’s version and the duel was between Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. Peter Lorre is also in it and he and Price are very funny together. Great episode; I now know who to thank for making combat a Dex check. Point buys are evil.$$$$