Episode 39: The Morrow Project by Timeline Ltd.

It’s happened to us all at one time or another. You get hired by a company, given survival training, then stuck in a freeze tube for 200 years. Then when you get out, you find you’ve misplaced your streaming accounts. It’s The Morrow Project, that venerable post-apocalypse RPG from the early 1980s; now in its 4th edition. We discuss combat, some combat, and for a change a bit about combat simulations. Oh and roleplaying of course. If we don’t bleed to death first. All this and Death by Dysentery tables await you in this episode of Save for Half!

No muties were harmed in the making of this podcast, not even by the Kentucky Fried State!

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To Morrow’s End podcast

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One Response to “Episode 39: The Morrow Project by Timeline Ltd.”

  1. Someone posted your podcast to one of our groups. Enjoyed listening to the treatment of our game. Being an old-school liberal, veteran, boomer (grognard), gamer, I found the comments interesting.