Episode 33: Mutant Future by Goblinoid Games

It’s the future — with mutants! That’s right, the Fab Foursome are covering the game Mutant Future by Goblinoid Games, and it’s a world with more Gamma than you can shake a Death Machine at! Based on the Labyrinth Lord system, it’s got all the post-apocalypse goodies you’ve come to expect — mutations, gonzo creatures, and artifacts that can blow your head off if you’re not careful. Even if it’s a refrigerator!

No mutant animals were harmed in the making of this podcast, so the ASPCMA can get off our backs!

Links mentioned in this show:

Goblinoid Games

Mutant Future – Drivethru RPG

Mutant Future Wiki

Mutant Future – Wikipedia

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One Response to “Episode 33: Mutant Future by Goblinoid Games”

  1. Another great episode. So glad the original SODcast cast (cast^2 ?) has continued. Agree with Jim about Spidergoats, great monster, though the first place I’m familiar with them was the standalone version of Palladium’s After The Bomb (2001) https://writeups.letsyouandhimfight.com/images/ee929ca653a3dc80d26d8d12fbc4714695976b15b09fc67d25a4854f7ec5e222.png