Episode 30: Alma Mater by Oracle Games

School’s out…of its mind? It sure seems that way as your Four Halflings take a dive into one of the oddest RPGs from the early 1980s; that of Alma Mater. Classes, teachers, social cliques, and other hazards for your freshman PC await you in this episode of the podcast. Oh, and a few tables to roll on. Just a few.

No Losers were harmed in the making of this podcast, despite the game’s constant encouragement to do so!


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Erol Otus –Discogs

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2 Responses to “Episode 30: Alma Mater by Oracle Games”

  1. Christopher W Holmes says:

    Wow sorry you guys had to read that. If you want to do a good game with bad art how about Metamorphose Alpha?
    I never liked attractiveness as a state, since it is a subjective quality. I also know from my many experiences with attractive people that they have lots of problems.
    My sympathies to Corbett for being so tall.

  2. LeroyD20 says:

    Having attended High School in Western Canada, this game (and letter grade system) was nothing like my experiences. Canadian schools were never that violent, terrible etc. Maybe the East Coast was different… lol