Episode 29: Cosmic Encounter by Eon Productions

No, it’s not a Spielberg movie. It’s the board game sensation of the 1970s adventure gaming industry, Cosmic Encounter by Eon Productions. A simple yet innovative system lets each of the alien races a player chooses change powers and goals to ensure no two games are the same. Your Fab Four totally normal humans from Earth review the game, how it’s aged, and what inspiration 21st century gamers can find in its mechanics. Nanoo-nanoo!

No humans were harmed in the making of this podcast, despite all of us being humans. Totally.

Links mentioned in this show:

Cosmic Encounter on Fantasy Flight Games

Cosmic Encounter on Wikipedia

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2 Responses to “Episode 29: Cosmic Encounter by Eon Productions”

  1. chris holmes says:

    Thanks Jim. I have been playing off an on since Dad bought it in 78. Still using that copy at the Boys and Girls club a week ago. We don’t play Virus anymore nor Harmony or Dictator. I expanded the set by Xeroxing the existing hexagons and using the Black and Pink Risk pieces. I am up for a game this Summer if you are.

  2. Jim Wampler says:

    You’re on, Chris — at the next convention we’re both attending. I can bring the Eon version or the modern, whichever you prefer. I’m old school… but I kind like the tiny plastic flying saucers in the modern version.