Episode 28: Space Patrol by Gamescience

Space, the final frontier — or the first, as far as RPG space gaming went. Gamescience’s Space Patrol beat Traveller to the punch in 1977, but was lost in the shuffle of its better known rival’s little black books. But this little game has some good points to consider, even for today’s jaded gamer. Listen in as we cover aliens, planets, a startling lack of starships…and equipment with no cost?

No Kzinti were harmed in the making of this podcast, not even by Blush Gordon!

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Space Patrol on RPG Geek

Star Patrol (Space Patrol) on Wikipedia

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3 Responses to “Episode 28: Space Patrol by Gamescience”

  1. chris holmes says:

    Great show. I haven’t laughed out loud at you guys since Call of Cthulhu. Great choice Corbett I hope you will run this game some day. I think I saw this back in the day but I was repelled by the cover art. Too bad I am such a snob.

  2. David North says:

    Great review! As a HUGE fan of Space Patrol/Star Patrol, I’m glad to see you guys review it. To answer a few of the comments you made, yes, Star Patrol adds spaceships. I also adds world creation and sector mapping. Also, it includes a setting, the League of Star Systems. This setting was shared with two other Gamescience games, Star Command (spaceship combat miniatures rules) and Strike Team Alpha (ground combat miniatures rules).

  3. Chris Barnes says:

    Chuckled when DMJim suggesting at 16:45 C&D was likely to originate from Heritage as they got the Star Trek license rather than Paramount ….Michael Scott Kurtick wrote both Space Patrol and the Heritage Star Trek game.