Episode 25: Awful Green Things from Outer Space by SJG

What more can we say about episode 25 of Save for Half? Only they’re awful, they’re green…and they’re from outer space! Yes, it’s that quirky Tom Wham boardgame first published in Dragon magazine #28, and was in its 8th edition in a box set from Steve Jackson Games. Come join the Halflings aboard the Znuta as we fight aliens, no matter what side you’re on!

No Awful Green Things were harmed in the making of this podcast, except with a pool cue.

Links mentioned in this show:

Awful Green Things from Outer Space rules site

D50 shades of D&D

Tom Wham site

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One Response to “Episode 25: Awful Green Things from Outer Space by SJG”

  1. Chris Holmes says:

    What a treat. Jim, I want to play in your ship. Tom Wham acknowledged the movie-“Green Slime” 1968 as his inspiration. Fun movie. Other 1950-60’s that may have inspired “Alien” are “It Terror from Beyond Space” and “Planet of the Vampires”. “Green Slime” is the most fun. What doesn’t save is stacking the counters in a tiny room.