Episode 22: Aftermath! by FGU

It’s the Post-Apocalypse, and you are a lone survivor battling the radioactive wastes with a pistol, sneakers, and all the armor that hit location #12 can hold! That’s right, it’s Aftermath by Fantasy Games Unlimited, and your Halflings delve into how the world ended in 1981! DM Jim failed his barter roll with the landshark, so we are joined this episode by DM Ben of the legendary realms of New York. Flowcharts, bicycles, and the relative weight of human heads abound!

No dogs were hit in the #12 in the making of this episode—because it’s not there?

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Aftermath! – Fantasy Games Unlimited

Nike Sneakers

Soldier of Fortune magazine

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3 Responses to “Episode 22: Aftermath! by FGU”

  1. Turbo Kid. Brutal post apoc movie from 2015 with gore to spare.

    There’s no more gas, so EVERYONE rides mountain bikes. EVERYONE. Even the crazy marauders.

  2. Gangrene, starvation, freezing to death – so what you’re saying is, this is essentially the Oregon Trail of tabletop RPGs?

  3. ‘Trotsky’ Murray says:

    Played lots of this back in the day at secondary school (UK)… A crunchy system that really gave the flavour of a gritty post apocalypse world. Memories of long character generation and quick deaths…