Episode 10.5: Son of Holmes!

It’s email time in the Halflings’ Hideaway, and after responding to some listener feedback we have a discussion with Chris Holmes! For those not in the know, Chris is the son of J. Eric Holmes, the author of Holmes Basic Dungeons & Dragons! We talk characters, his Tales of Peril project, purple worms, and…Herculoids?

No Tom Hanks were harmed in the making of this episode, not even Pardue the Holy man!


Links mentioned in this show:

Chris Holmes: Tales of Peril – Facebook

AI Monster Manual

Bard’s Gate with the Frogs

Black Blade Publishing (publisher of Tales of Peril)


Mississippi Bones – Dungeon Hustle

North Texas RPG Con 2018

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2 Responses to “Episode 10.5: Son of Holmes!”

  1. Mothshade says:

    You definitely pronounced Avremier correctly. Take some bonus XP out of petty cash. And, thank you.

  2. Chris HOlmes says:

    Thanks gang that was fun. Looking forward to Herculoids the RPG.

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