Episode 6.5: NTRPG Con Afterparty!

Hey all! We survived the summer rush, so we’re back with a new episode! DM Liz reads emails, we chat about our time at the 2017 North Texas RPG Con (finally!), and a new segment about micro-games is premiered for your listening pleasure.

No Corbetts were harmed in the making of this episode. This one, anyway!



Links mentioned in this show:

Barrel Rider Games (James Spahn)


DrivethruRPG Barrel Rider Games (with The Hero’s Journey in pdf)


Lulu – The Hero’s Journey (hardcover)


Maze of the Blue Medusa


North Texas RPG Con 2017


Save or Die podcast (SaveorDieSaveorDieSaveorDie!)


Treasure Vaults of Zadabad




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2 Responses to “Episode 6.5: NTRPG Con Afterparty!”

  1. I picked up a book of Mars back in 1981. I used it to run a Gamma World campaign that was SUPER DEADLY. You should look into it. It’s kinda neat.

  2. I actually ordered one from Amazon a few weeks ago, and it just came in yesterday. I imagine Mike will be scanning it pretty soon and we’ll both be looking over it. Matthew’s letter really piqued our interest!