Episode 5: Top Secret

Get your trench coats and code books, in this show the Halflings enter the murky world of Cold War espionage with 1980s Top Secret RPG from TSR. DM Liz takes the reins as lead host, and won’t give it back! Thrills, chills, and treachery abounds as we strive to answer the question: Can an Old School RPG have too many tables?




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Amazon – Top Secret box set

Gygax FBI Report
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2 Responses to “Episode 5: Top Secret”

  1. Mike- with regard to your question about whether the James Bond 007 modules were supposed to be basically like playing out the movies: They were purposely written in such a way that playing them just like the movies was likely to result in failure. This was usually stated somewhere in the adventure.

  2. LOL! Now THAT’S what they should’ve done with the Dragonlance modules! 😉

    DM Mike


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