Episode 3: Basic/Expert D&D

We’re back and ready to find a dragon in a dungeon…so long as it’s Basic/Expert! The terrible trio of DMs Mike, Liz and Corbett throw down on dragons, ghouls, and rules lawyers in this third episode of Save for Half!

Links mentioned in this show:

Dungeons & Dragons Basic set by Tom Moldvay – Wikipedia
Dungeons & Dragons Expert set by Steve marsh/Zeb Cook – Wikipedia

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3 Responses to “Episode 3: Basic/Expert D&D”

  1. I loved the Elementals! But I didn’t realise out it was the same Bill Willingham that I first saw in the front of Holmes until last year, nearly 20 years later.

  2. Chris Holmes says:

    Another fun episode. Tell Liz that I’m pretty sure Dad enjoyed writing his review of Molvay-Cook. He wasn’t getting any royalties so he didn’t even know how good his sales were.

    A the risk of being heretical I would eliminate Read Magic as a spell and just give the power of reading magic as part of the class. It might require an expertise roll for higher level spells.