Episode 1:  Doctor Who RPG (FASA)

No, this isn’t episode 3 of Save for Half. Thanks to the powers of the Time Vortex (and our forgetting to do otherwise) we’re going back in time to give you episode 1 of the Save for Half podcast! DM Corbett joins the podcast posse of DMs Mike, Liz and Jim to discover the mysteries of time and space…according to the 1985 FASA edition of the game. Watch out for disorganized rules, tactical combat movement, and always those pesky Daleks in this episode of Save for Half!



Links mentioned in this show:

Diary of the Doctor Who Roleplaying Games #19

Space-Time Vortex – site for FASA Doctor Who stuff

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13 Responses to “Episode 1: Doctor Who RPG (FASA)”

  1. Ha! Now we know it’s really you, you just couldn’t stay away from The Doctor, could you! 🙂

  2. Corbett-me-lad, let me say, as the world’s biggest Jim fan, that I’m glad you’re here. I find you a more-than-worthy addition to the team and look forward to your insights and one-liners for years to come.

  3. Oh, and the link for Corbett’s GagMen podcast in his Meet the Cast entry doesn’t work for me.

  4. Hmm, seems to be a domain name problem. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon! We assure you it worked when we put his entry together…

  5. No, no we could not. 🙂

  6. Robert Miller says:

    OK, you guys mention numerous times there is an episode 2. Where is it? All I see is Episode 0 and 1.

  7. It was originally recorded last year and added to the Save or Die feed. We’ll be posting it on this feed with mods sometime in the next week or so.

  8. Good episode. This game is one that escaped me back then: I wasn’t much of a fan of FASA’s RPGs (loved their minis games, such as Centurion, though), and I didn’t really “discover” Dr. Who until the series was revived with the Ninth Doctor. Nowadays,were I to run the setting, it would probably be with a rules-lite build/skill system such as BESM.

  9. So glad you’re back podcasting! Really enjoyed the Doctor Who rpg review!

  10. When we were pouring through the Dr. Who books as teens, my friends and I determined that the random personalities table was a part of Timelord regeneration.

  11. For the record, Tom Baker also encountered the Master in “The Deadly Assassin”. That said, great show. Next year, you folks should stop by the FASA Doctor Who game that is run on Sunday, closing out Gary Con. Run by Nick Seidler, the walking font of info on the game, as well as the publisher of the Diary of Doctor Who Role Playing Games fanzine.

  12. That’s brilliant. 🙂

  13. Megabreath says:

    I like the suggestion that this game would work for a 3rd Doctor campaign, but aren’t you forgetting the War Doctor?