Episode 52.5: Star Wars, 1977 Edition

Get ready True Believers for a first…a Prequel Save for Half! We’ll be reviewing the West End Games Star Wars D6 RPG in episode 53, but first we invite the Curmudgeon in the Cellar himself Tim Kask on to talk about 1977’s Star Wars and its impact on us and the RPG community. Yes, some of us are really old enough to remember Star Wars when it just referred to a single film instead of the Disney juggernaut it is today. Thrills, Chills, and the answer to that age old question of ‘Why is Luke Skywalker looking down the business end of a light sabre?’

No Jedi were harmed in the making of this sideshow, because they were already canonically dead.

Links mentioned in this show:

Citizen of the Imperium Sourcebook for Traveller 1E (W/Darth Vader)

Curmudgeon in the Cellar (Tim Kask)

Kenner’s Early Bird Special for Star Wars figures

Star Wars IV: A New Hope – Wikipedia

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