Episode 18.5: North Texas RPG Con 2019

What’s this? A Save for Half NTRPG Con wrap-up show before November? Thrills, chills, and Mike Badalatos abound in this overview of what the hosts did at NTRPGC! Well 3/4 of the hosts anyway. We review the con in its entirety, from the Wed. night elevator lines to the mini-tornado that hit the DFW area Sunday morning! Oh, and some gaming too…

No conventions were harmed in the making of this show, not even with tornados!

Links mentioned in this show:

Check This Artifact — Post-Apoc Artifacts for your RPG

Colonial Troopers by Night Owl Workshop

Crypt of the Science Wizard

North Texas RPG Con Facebook page

Shane Plays Podcast/Radio show

Tabletop site for NTRPG Con

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One Response to “Episode 18.5: North Texas RPG Con 2019”

  1. Replaced my phone and suddenly this show shows up as unlistened to, so I’m just now checking it out. 🙂

    I’d love to make a live con, but of course… COVID… 🙁

    But I’d also LOVE a backpack!!!