Episode 15: Avremier

Welcome to the Halfling Hideaway of Save for Half! This show we’re looking at a modern set of supplements for the campaign world of Avremier by David A. Hill. It’s made to be run with the Original D&D rules (1974), but is flexible enough to run with most any A/D&D rules set. It’s a big project (Core setting book and 4 supplements) but luckily for us our good friend DM Jim from Frog God Games has joined us to complete this review! We look at the setting, new monsters and magic items, and ask the eternal question…what does this have to do with Patrick Swayze?

No Flutterpotami were harmed in the making of this episode, though we tried!

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Patrick Swayze on IMDB

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3 Responses to “Episode 15: Avremier”

  1. I’m gonna try to sleep now. I kept my wife up way past her bedtime with my squeals of unbridled delight – well…you know. Tomorrow, I’ma listen again…then, I may post some answers and replies.

    Oh, for the record, your pronunciations were pretty darned good. Kudos.

    Thank you. So much. So very much.

  2. Working very hard to get PoD options up on DTRPG.
    Apologies for the delay. Old PC died and we’re getting the replacement up and running.
    Then, file prep for printing.
    This is our top priority.