Episode 3.5: North Texas RPG Con

Welcome to the Save for Half “Sideshow”! These shows are produced erratically and oddly, much like a circus’ sideshow. They are for the bits and bobs we don’t feel fit into the format of the “whole number” shows, so be warned, it gets weird from here on out!

In this sideshow we are joined by Mike “BadMike” Badolato, co-owner/runner/responsible adult/sucker of the North Texas RPG Convention, which is held every first Thursday Weekend of June. During this show we cover emails we’ve gotten over the first two episodes of Save For Half. Then we talk to BadMike about the convention; what’s new, what’s old, what’s what for the 2017 NTRPG Con and why YOU should be there!

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North Texas RPG Con

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One Response to “Episode 3.5: North Texas RPG Con”

  1. It was a highlight of GaryCon for me to meet DMs Mike and Liz up-close-and-personal. Was a pleasure to shake hands and to get Mike’s signature in my Victorious book.

    Somehow, I will get to NTRPG!!!