Episode 2: “Gamma World”

In our second outing* the Save for Half-lings (with guest-star DM Jim!) look at a seminal old school classic – 1st edition Gamma World. James M. Ward and Gary Jaquet’s over-the-top combination of super-science and deadly, earnest danger set the bar for early science fiction and post-apocalyptic role playing games, and its influence is still felt in gaming 38 years later.

* Original Recording of this show was April 10, 2016

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Gamma World Playtest rules 1977 found:

Grognard Files

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3 Responses to “Episode 2: “Gamma World””

  1. Fun show! Really enjoy this game. I still play 1e/2e with my kids.

  2. The technology flow chart was a game in itself.

  3. Adam Buxton says:

    Great podcast guys! Loving the move from Save or Die into Save for half! – Any chance of a twitter page to build up the community of fans?

    Adam Buxton (not that one) 🙂 @abuxton