Episode 50: RuneQuest by Chaosium

What’s this? A game of Bronze-Age fantasy that mixes ancient cultures from Sumeria to the Celts? A unique world steeped in legend named Glorantha? Guest host Game Master Ed to explain the actual play of this game? Madness! Yet your Fab 4 are here discussing one of the second wave RPGs that came out in the late 1970s and was arguably the one that gave AD&D the biggest run for its money. Written by Steve Perrin and friends, this game has it all: Spell points, percentile skills, lack of classes, and a combat system that actually encourages you to avoid combat if possible. It’s all here, along with Ducks as a player race. What more could you want?

No Ducks were harmed in the making of this podcast, since it was Rabbit Season!

Links mentioned in this show:

RuneQuest Classics on Chaosium

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (Modern edition)

RuneQuest Wiki

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