Episode 48.5: Luau Lou vs. DM Corbett!

Grab your sombreros and get ready for a hijacked episode of Save For Half. This episode DM Corbett has taken over and brought in everyone’s favorite wacky sitcom next door neighbors, Luau Lou! What happened to the rest of the hosts, you may ask? We reply, you ask too many questions.

Sit back and enjoy an interview with Luau Lou talking about his new game that is getting game tested at the upcoming North Texas Con, Movies Till Dawn. We learn a little history about Lou’s background, what he does for a living, and how he got into gaming, along with anecdotes about his most popular game The Dare Luck Club.

Will your favorite hosts come back? Is the Save For Half Podcast done for? Will they ever review a game again? Just to ease the tension, yes, but keep listening to know for sure.

No ’80s kids were harmed in the making of this podcast, since they were all off fighting pirates!

Links mentioned in this show:

Cartoon Action Hour by Spectrum Games

Kids on Bikes

Mudpuppy Games

Tales from the Loop

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