Episode 47: Killer by Steve Jackson Games

Sometimes we cover games that are truly artifacts of their time. This is one of those! Killer by Steve Jackson Games might be considered by some a proto-LARP, others would see it as “Cops & Robbers” for adults, and most others as a serious ecurity risk? Falling pillow-safes, Dart guns (with a ‘D’!), and 30 second bombs abound in this latest episode of the World’s Greatest Podcast! No, really!

No bystanders were harmed in the making of this podcast, since the Halflings didn’t want to go to jail. Again.

Links mentioned in this show:

Gotcha! – Film

Killer: The Game of Assassination – Steve Jackson Games

Killer: The Game of Assassination – Wikipedia

The Assassination Game – Film

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One Response to “Episode 47: Killer by Steve Jackson Games”

  1. We played the vampire version of this at Carleton U. We started with one vamp & a bunch of hunters. The twist was that hunters could kill the vamp but the vamp could also turn hunters, who became vamps & could turn others, &c &c. Vamp could only turn when there were no witnesses; one guy insisted that after taking his victim he had eliminated the sole witness (victim’s girlfriend) by strangling her with her own hair, but she had stepped into view in the campus arcade at that point & I ruled that no matter how fast he could strangle, someone would see her drop dead; he got extinguished by an angry mob. I think that may have been Team Vamp’s sole casualty.