Episode 44: Vampire the Masquerade by White Wolf

You all knew it was coming, sooner or later. Like a undead wraith itself, Vampire: The Masquerade rises from the grave (the 2nd edition anyway) for your Fab Four to review. We cover what’s good, what’s not-so-good, and what sucks (see what I did there?) in White Wolf’s pre-eminent product in the RPG hobby. Get your Goth gear on, find some ankhs, and prepare for fang-u-lous fun!

No Kindred were diablerized in the making of this podcast, not even from behind the Elysium!

Links mentioned in this show:

Vampire: The Masquerade 2nd edition on DTRPG

Vampire: The Masquerade on White Wolf Wiki

White Wolf Publishing on Wikipedia

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