Episode 27: Dresden Files by Evil Hat Productions

It’s time for your Fab Four Halflings to accept their fates…FATE Core, that is! We sit down and cover our first FATE game in the guise of The Dresden Files RPG, based on the bestselling book series by Jim Butcher. We learn about Fate Dice, Aspects, and how DM Jim’s questions leave DM Corbett with answers that involve a lot of the word “maybe”. Wizards complaining about fireball ranges, vampires in bowling alleys, and more await your ears in this episode of Save for Half! Nevermore!

No Black Court Vampires were harmed in the making of this show, because they’re all dead anyway.

Links mentioned in this show:

Dresden Files Wikipedia

Evil Hat’s The Dresden Files RPG

Jim Butcher’s website – Dresden Files

Wuthering Heights RPG

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One Response to “Episode 27: Dresden Files by Evil Hat Productions”

  1. Hey, thanks so much for reviewing this! I just bought FATE CONDENSED, so it was great to hear the review of this version.

    Also, I’ve been away from you folks for a few months, so it’s like hearing old friends again!