Episode 37.5: Retrospective 2021

Don’t worry, this isn’t like those old TV shows where you get a “new” episode and it’s just the cast reminiscing and replaying clips from the previous year to fill out a show. This is all new, off the cuff attempts by your Halflings to remember what they’ve done in the past year! DM Mike remembers some work he did for an RPG, and that he got paid for it. DM Jim remembers SciBar; because DM Liz and I got everyone to call the ‘zine that now! DM Corbett asks himself why he’s stuck with all these old coots! All this and more await you, so get to listening while waiting for Santa to bring you that wood-grain box set of OD&D!

No manuscripts were harmed in the making of this podcast, except the ones that had only 1 space after a period.

Links mentioned in this show:

Gamehole Con 

Long Con in Longview, TX

Operation: White Box by Small Niche Games

Total Con 2022

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