Episode 14: Privateers & Gentlemen

Ahoy there, ye landlubbers! It’s the Halfling crew of the SS SFH here to cut yer jib and keel yer haul…with the role playing game “Privateers & Gentlemen”! Published in 1982, this box set from Fantasy Games Unlimited has sailing ships, mutinous crews, rotten boroughs….but surprisingly few pirates? We delve into the books with the assistance of (brevet) DM Mark from the Tabletop Radio Hour podcast. He’s knowledgeable, informative, and most importantly has read the “Heart of Oak” miniatures rules the ship combat is based on in the RPG!


No cabin boys were harmed in the making of this podcast, not even with belaying pins!

Links mentioned in this show:

Fantasy Games Unlimited – Privateers & Gentlemen

Heart of Oak miniatures rules on DTRPGDTRPG

Privateers & Gentlemen on BoardGameGeek

Privateers & Gentlemen on DTRPG

Saucer Seekers

Tabletop Radio Hour


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  1. Ronald Anderson says:

    Listening to the show and all I could think was how awesome a Franklin’s Privateers campaign would be. During the revolution the colonies had no navy to speak of. To adress this, Benjamin Franklin was authorized by the Continental Congress to recruit private ships and issue letters of mark for commerce raiding against British merchant shipping. There were strict rules regarding conduct during these raids which after a few months most captains and crews ignored in their greed for loot and prize money, in one case actually attacking an American ship.n Sounds like my group.

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